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SIZE M  - รอบเอว 32-34 นิ้ว

SIZE L    - รอบเอว 35-37 นิ้ว

SIZE XL - รอบเอว 38-40 นิ้ว


This super light and stretchy belt is just amazing!

With the multifunctional Zipster running belt with two large zip pockets (back and front) and two small pockets (on the side), smartphones, keys and more can be easily transported.

The belt sits securely around the waist and does not bounce uncomfortably.

The bags offer enough space for soft flasks to carry water, gels, snacks or money and cards.

This makes the belt bag the ideal choice for running, inline skating, hiking – but also for city trips, travelling or festivals.

The Zipster Waist Belt provides zip-secure storage for your phone, keys, cards, gels or other small essentials.

The zippered, weather resistant pockets keep valuables like credit cards or keys secure.

The two non-zip pockets feature a fold over construction and are best suited to storing items you’ll want quick access.

The Zipster has a fairly flat profile so it doesn't show if you choose to wear it under your clothes.

Nathan’s Zipster is easy to wash: Throw it in the washer when it’s sweaty. Hang to dry. Wear the next day!



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