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2,450 บาท


Rob Krar’s form-fitting, minimalist waist pak was a standout success last year, and now it’s back (NEW AND IMPROVED) with a larger soft flask (20oz!) and sweet new graphics! Includes a 20oz soft flask with bite valve to keep liquids from escaping Unisex for Both Men & Women Step-through design fits comfortably around your waist and provides a bounce-free ride, even at top speed Top perimeter elastic with gripper ensures a secure fit Front zippered pocket fits most large-format smartphones Center back pocket with lightweight compression system holds soft flask (included), nutrition, a light jacket, and other essentials Expandable side stash pockets for small running essentials Specs Weight W/O Soft Flasks: 2.8 oz/81.2 g Weight With Soft Flasks: 3.42 oz/97 g


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