Injinji WMN Liner + Runner Mini Crew LW Coolmax


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Injinji WMN Liner + Runner Mini Crew LW Coolmax Cranberry XS/S 8

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Injinji Socks : Women's LINER + RUNNER - Mini Crew

Specifically designed to fit women’s feet, this two-sock system provides comfort and blister prevention on long runs. The liner is a toesock that moves moisture off your foot, allows toes to splay, and prevents toe-on-toe friction that can cause blisters. The specially designed outer provides cushioning at the sole and toes, breathability, and built-in arch support. Combined, they work together as a unit to keep your feet happier on long runs.

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1,090 บาท


This unique two-sock system delivers comfort, moisture management and blister protection while increasing cushioning underfoot. The ultra-thin toesock Liner wicks away moisture, and eliminates skin on skin friction that leads to blisters, with its five-toe toesock design. The specially designed outer Runner sock is worn over the Liner to provides run-specific cushioning with a terry padding throughout the bottom of the foot. The double-cuffed mini-crew height provides a secure barrier around the ankle preventing dirt, sand and trail debris from getting into the sock.


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